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Warmly congratulate the three new products of our company passed the provincial appraisal
Author:Administrator    Released in:2010-04-06 15:11:10   Written words:【Big】【In】【Small
Abstract:Warmly congratulate the three new products of our company passed the provincial appraisal

The company held a theme of "marketing management training large breakthrough sales strategy and negotiation of wisdom", including the domestic each chain manager, more than 200 people participated in the training activities. The training was hired experts for teachers. The teacher inspired by the story, case analysis, game feeling, combat exercises, episodic interpretation, cosplay, research summarize, share experience and other innovative teaching methods, focus on the teaching of NBSS (demand driven) sales model, ten processes will sales (perfect preparation - let your emotions reach his peak - the establishment of customer a sense of trust and understanding customer problems, needs and desires, for customers to provide solutions to create the perfect glamorous USP (unique selling point products) - objection handling requirements for referral transactions - - - the perfect after sale service) to explain the lively and interesting. In addition to selling skills, teachers are also the focus of Professor related skills and customer communication and negotiation. How to introduce yourself, and let others produce immediately must make a strong urge you; how to completely open the body movements, release potential of you; how to open the mouth, fluency, key button to escape one's lips; how to use the excited shape the questions, let you sentence to grab the audience's feeling, the audience's attention and skill let the students take part in training benefit.